Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Family Browser - 1 Year Old.

Family Browser ver 1
 Last week here at Kiwi Codes we celebrated 1 year since Family Browser ver 1 was released to the public.  Just for fun I uninstalled the latest version and reinstalled ver 1 to see how far Family Browser has come.

WOW.  I forgot just how basic it was.  As you can see from the screen grab on the left it lacked the following enhancements that have been added in the following year:
  1. Significant UI enhancements. ie boarder less forms, expandable floating palette, right mouse click options to name a few.
  2. The ability to insert families with multiple types and type catalogs.
  3. Search function.
  4. Catalog creator.
  5. Icon creator.
  6. Automatic start up on Revit start up
It has been a mind blowing year for us here at Kiwi Codes as we never thought Family Browser would have been the success that it has.  Thank you all for your support, comments and suggestions.  They all go towards providing a better product in the future.

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