Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brand New App for the Revit Market - Door Factory

I would like to introduce you to RevitWorks, a new company specialising in providing Revit content.

I have been working with the guys at RevitWorks over the past few months, helping them develop some of their tools. They have a fresh approach to creating and using Revit families that, I think, offers real time saving benefits.

They currently have some great packages available on their website for working with Casework and Interior Joinery, Piping for Revit Architecture, 2d Fixings & Flashing families for your detailing, and more to come.

The one I have been working on, and really excited about, is the first ever Door Factory add-on for Revit. You will be able to create almost any door you want in seconds, on the fly, without ever going into the family editor. This is still in beta testing at the moment, but there is a video on their web site that is worth having a look at.

Check them out.


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  1. Very cool! I have always been struggling with rebuilding the Door families and making sure they all work and have the correct jambs, etc. Nice work! Now if I can just sell the idea to management and buy this software when it is ready.