Monday, May 21, 2012

KiwiCodes is spreading its wings

A lot of people might not know this but our countries national emblem, the Kiwi, does actually have wings, but they can't fly with them.

Unlike the Kiwi, Kiwi Codes is starting to spreads our wings globally. We already have thousands of customers based around the globe using Family Browser and now Project Browser, but up until now we have been based out of offices in New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. 

The next step that we are starting to take is to create partnerships with selected resellers throughout the world who are keen to jump on board for a pretty exciting ride, especially with some of the plans we have for future releases. 

With that said we are very pleased to announce our first United States based reseller and support partner in "Cunningham Consulting".  Alex Cunningham says: 

I am very pleased to be the first support partner and reseller for Kiwi Codes Solutions LTD. Being an everyday Revit users I see where the weaknesses are in Revit and am so thankful for people like KiwiCodes for providing solutions that fill the gaps.  Partnering with KiwiCodes has been the easiest decision of my life. From Family Browser and now Project Browser, KiwiCodes offers amazing products for all Revit users at a unbelievable price. Honestly who wouldn't want to make every bodies life just a little easier. KiwiCodes does just that.

Alex can be contacted at "alex at" (replace "at" with "@").

Welcome aboard Alex.

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