Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fix

Wow, what a huge week it has been since the release of Project Browser for Revit 2013.  We have had a lot of great comments and feedback about Project Browser.  There is real excitement out in the Revit community about it, and from the feedback it is something that users have long waited for Autodesk to do.

Is Project Browser perfect?  Of course not.  This is our first release of some pretty complex code that has a lot of interaction and checking to do between the API and the Revit Project.  Because of this there are some holes in places that need to be plugged up.  Because of this we intend to release  an update every Friday to provide for fixes and user requested enhancements.

To check if you have the current version of Project Browser installed it is as easy as right mouse clicking on a view in Project Browser, going to the “Options Menu”, clicking on the “About Tab” and then clicking on the “Check for Updates” button.
This will check our server and compare versions and then report if you have the current build and also a description of the changes made between builds.  You can simply then click on the URL link to download the current build without the need to go through the web registration process again.

Please keep the feedback rolling in as this is how we can improve Project Browser.  There are exciting times  ahead as we have some amazing feature requests already for version 2.  No other product on the market today offers tightly integrated Project and Family Management like what Project Browser delivers.

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