Friday, June 20, 2014

Easy Keynoter – The next generation of Keynote editor for Revit 2015

If you are a heavy user of Revit keynotes and are using Revit 2015 we are looking for keen Beta testers for a brand new product that is due to be released to public 1st July 2014.

The main features of Easy Keynoter are:

  1. Fully integrated into the Revit UI
  2. All Keynote data stored within a Database. No reliance on Revit reading txt files or the need to have intermediary xml files. This means that there are no issues of multiple users editing the keynotes at the same time as with other systems.
  3. Add Edit and remove keynote changes are reflected immediately in the Revit project. No need to manual Load/Reload operation from within the Revit UI
  4. Drag and Drop Keynotes from the Palette directly onto Revit Elements to keynote those elements.
  5. Super fast search function. Easy keynoter will display all search compliant keynotes in seconds. We have tested this on a keynote file with over 20,000 keynotes and the results displayed within 1 second.
  6. Easily Import/Export your existing old Keynote.txt files into and out of the Database.
  7. User management. Create user groups and assign who is allowed to add/edit/remove keynotes from the database.

One Revit power user that has seen this product commented. “Mate, looks f@#*ing awesome, bring it on.”

If you would like to test and provide feedback on this new product please contact us HERE   and we will get back to you with a link for download.

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