Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FB 2014 - Inserting Hosted Families Fix.

Have you noticed before in Family Browser 2014, that when you insert a family from Family Browser that is Hosted ie, workplane/facebased that the icons to change host on insertion are disabled as shown below?

It turns out that because of the changes required in the Revit 2014 API with the way we interact with the Revit database from modal dialogues, the buttons become disabled.  After going back and forth with Autodesk support it was found that there is actually a limitation in the API to support this.

This is a major issue for a majority of our customers so after some testing I have found an unsupported way around this issue, until Autodesk includes this functionality in the API.  So now when you insert a hosted family from FB 2014 you will get the icons available as per below.  This is available in the current download of FB 2014 from our webpage - Downloads

Please let me know if you stumble across any issues with this.

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