Tuesday, March 5, 2013

HOK implement Kiwi Codes Solutions firm wide.

We are very pleased to announce the strategic partnership between Kiwi Codes Solutions and the leading design, architecture, engineering and planning firm, HOK.  HOK have this week announced a global roll-out of Project Browser and Family Browser throughout their firm.

“HOK has been looking for a family and project browser management solution for a long time with very limited success.  Kiwicodes’ simple and elegant approach proved to be the most flexible and powerful compared to other tools.  ”  - Greg Schleusner – Firm wide buildingSMART Leader – HOK

“I have implemented Family Browser successfully at another practice and KiwiCodes have always been very responsive to our feedback. This factor alone was very important to HOK because we like to fine-tune everything to suit our needs. Couple this with the tool’s beautiful simplicity, and the decision was quite clear.” – David Baldacchino, buildingSMART Manager - Texas Region

With this alliance, Kiwi Codes will gain valuable insight into the complexities of Project and Family management across a global firm, while HOK gain instant productivity gains through Project and Family Management, like no other Revit Addin on the market does.

These developments mark the beginning of an exciting era for Kiwi Codes Project and Family Browsers. 

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