Monday, December 5, 2011

Tab Layouts

Over the last year we have received a few requests for more options on the layouts of tabs.

Currently the only option is to have the tabs arranged on the left or right hand side of Family Browser.  What are your thoughts about having the ability to have tabs on the top or bottom of the browser as shown below?  Would this be useful?  How would you expect it to handle multiple types in families?

I look forward to hearing you comments on this.


Tabs with orientation Bottom


  1. Hi Phillip,

    I like the possible layout option of Top or Bottom a lot (as an equal and included option to Left or Right).
    It will suit different User desires I would think and the overall layout looks great, plus, given that so many Users set their desktop up differently, this proposal is moving with the times and adds flexibility to the Family Browser
    good one

  2. Great addition to FB. IMO it gives a larger area for the icons and the tabs.

  3. Hello Phillip;

    The current tabs are arranged on the left or the right hand side of Family Browser.
    Is it possible to to display the text on that tabs turned 180 degrees? I mean take your screenshot from the tabs on the bottem and turn the picture 90 degrees to the left. That is how i like the reading direction of the text.

    I also like the idea of tabs on the bottem of FB, because of the larger area for my tabs.

  4. HI R vd Brom.

    Thanks for your comments. Keep an eye out on this blog early next week as the next build of FB will have exactly what you want ;)